The high definition screencaptures of last night’s “True Detective” titled Night Finds You have been added in our gallery. We also added a few additional production stills and the official synopsis can be found after the jump. The preview of next week’s episode can be found in our video archive.

True Detective: Night Finds You
State authorities officially assign Ani and Paul to Caspere’s murder investigation; confidentially, the pair will work the state’s probe into the Los Angeles Times’ allegations against the City of Vinci. Ani, in primary command of the case, is warned Ray is compromised. The two investigate Caspere’s background — his therapist reveals he was sexually obsessed. Meanwhile, Frank learns that Caspere played fast and loose with his investment. Convinced Caspere’s killer has his money, Frank uncovers the dead man’s second address. Sent by Frank to investigate, Ray ends up blasted by a shotgun.

  • Rebecca Harrison
    Posted on June 30, 2015

    Do you know when and if this is coming to DVD? I am a die hard Rachel McAdams fan and I have everything I can get on DVD- my favourites are Red Eye and Mean Girls! It is killing me not being able to watch this live!

  • Lindsey
    Posted on July 02, 2015

    @ Rebecca Harrison – No DVD release has been announced yet, but hopefully it will get released before the end of the year. We will update the site when we have information on the release :)

  • Carla Ramos
    Posted on July 03, 2015

    The episode was great! Everyone was terrific, the dialogues between Ray and Ani were excellent , right in the first season style, the end was more than surprising and unexpected and the role of Rachel is much better than I expected , it is INCREDIBLE !Also look forward to the DVD release , I will buy for sure!