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“After Miss Julie” Update

I’ve added more pictures of Rachel during the “After Miss Julie” be sure to take a look because Rachel looks amazing. Her sister Kayleen was there too.

Two New Marie Claire Outtakes

I’ve added two new outtakes for the Marie Claire May 2009 photoshoot in our gallery. Rachel looks amazing, take a look!

New Parade Outtake

We added a stunning and unseen outtake photo from the gorgeous 2005 photoshoot Rachel did for Parade Magazine. Take a look. Don’t forget to credit Rachel McAdams Online if you use this outtake anywere else.

New Sherlock Holmes Trailer

A new trailer has been released for “Sherlock Holmes” (December 25th, 2009) with more Rachel in it. I have to say, I’m really looking forward to this movie. You can watch the trailer on Added the mq screencaptures in our gallery but I will replace them when I can make HD screencaptures.

The Time Traveler’s Wife Update

I’ve completed “The Time Traveler’s Wife” section in our gallery. Be sure to check out all the new albums and additions in our gallery because Rachel looks stunning in this movie.

Morning Glory: First Movieclip & Gallery Update

The first official movie clip from Morning Glory is online. It was released at the 35th Deauville Film Festival were they showed a tribute to Harrison Ford. I’ve added all the missing pictures and albums in our gallery of Rachel and her co-stars filming Morning Glory. I’m looking forward to this movie because Rachel is the lead in this movie.

2009 Appeareances Update

I’ve added all the missing albums in the 2009 Appeareances. I may add some additions later but the 2009 Appereances is compleet now. I’m still adding all the missing pictures so stay tuned for more (gallery) updates.

New Owner

Hey everyone! I’m the new owner of Rachel McAdams Online, you may know me from Rachel McAdams Fans. I’m so happy to be the new owner because I’ve been a fan of Rachel since 2004 and I started my own (dutch) fansite back in 2007 and I’ve Rachel McAdams Fans for over a year now.

Since Rachel McAdams Fans is hosted at the amazing Gertie to I’m going to combine the fansites but Rachel McAdams Online will be the main site & domain.

I know Rachel McAdams has had a lot of owner over the last months but I’m really excited to make the biggest and most visited Rachel fansite uptodate again. I will be working on the site for the next weeks and I will keep you uptodate on Rachel and her career.

I’ve added the events of september in the gallery and I’ve posted the news that was missing on the site.

Be sure to visit the site daily because I will update you with the latest news and I’m going to add all the missing pictures in our gallery. I’m so excited everyone so stay tuned for more (site) updates!

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