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Reminder: “Anne Of Green Gables” Audiobook is Out!

Reminder: “Anne Of Green Gables” Audiobook is Out!

While working on the site we realized we never made an update to remind everyone that the Audible Audiobook for “Anne of Green Gables“, which is narrated by Rachel, is available. If you are not yet a member at Audible, you are able to get this audiobook for free. Be sure to head over to their website for more information. We also updated our site with additional coverage of this exciting project. We added the high definition screencaptures of the official on-set and behind the scenes featurette in our gallery and the video can be found in our video archive. Further, you can find a new promotional image in our gallery.

Anne of Green Gables Audiobook Excerpt Narrated by Rachel

Anne of Green Gables Audiobook Excerpt Narrated by Rachel

As we previously reported, Rachel narrated the upcoming “Anne of Green Gables” audiobook. Audible released an official excerpt, which you can find after the jump. You can already pre-order the audiobook on audible. We have added the official key-art and Rachel on-set in the studio in our gallery. The audiobook will be released on November 22nd.

Rachel On Narrating Anne Of Green Gables: “Performing Anne Of Green Gables was incredibly exciting. It contains so much emotion and delight that you just can’t help but smile, and laugh, and cry. Loving the book as I did growing up, it was such a pleasure to perform it now.”

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Rachel Voices “Anne of Green Gables” Audiobook

Audible has announced a new slate of upcoming audiobook they will release, all performed by actors and other artists and Rachel is among them. Rachel has voiced the upcoming audiobook of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables“. The audiobook will be released on November 22nd and you can pre-order it already on

With all of the pluck and charm of its eponymous young hero, Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Spotlight, Midnight in Paris) delivers a spectacular reading of Montgomery’s beloved bildungsroman. In moments both funny and bittersweet, McAdams’ voice is imbued with the spark that has made Anne a much-loved symbol of individualism and cheer for over a century. A story of “kindred spirits”, McAdams’ touching and heart-felt narration proves she is just that – bonded on a deep level – to this shimmering classic.

When aging brother and sister, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, decide to adopt an orphan boy to help with chores around their farm, Green Gables on Prince Edward Island, neither are prepared for the feisty and imaginative redheaded girl that is mistakenly brought to them instead. Nor are they prepared for the way in which she will change their lives. Through a series of hilarious misadventures, Anne’s uncompromising spirit makes her striking presence in the close-knit village, bringing new friendships, first crushes, and, for her foster parents, a love and openness unimaginable before her arrival

Fun fact: Rachel has named the television series adaption of “Anne of Green Gables” as her inspiration to act. She told Hello! Canada earlier this year: “For me it [film/series that inspired her to act] was called Anne of Green Gables that I watched when I was young — about 150 times! It was just a really great performance.” She also told Marie Claire that the series was one of the films/series she use to watch growing up with her family.