HitFix: Rachel McAdams wakes up to ‘Morning Glory,’ hints at ‘Sherlock Holmes 2’

Published: November 11, 2010

Rachel McAdams, in her latest role in “Morning Glory,” plays Becky, an experienced young television producer gunning to bring a fledgling morning show to the top of audience ratings. Her character wakes in the hours that most are going to sleep, keeps her energy level high and, generally, keeps her cool at the same time.

In her interview with HitFix, McAdams wouldn’t say if she’s a morning person, but did have a couple key comparisons to Becky.

I don’t have the naive positivity when things are going down the toilet the way she does,” the Canadian actress. “But I can definitely relate to that feeling of your first big shot at something and wanting it to work out desperately.”

She felt that urge most keenly during “the first thing I auditioned for in the ‘States. I thought, ‘If I don’t get this, my whole career is over. I didn’t get the part., but there were others,” she smiled. “There were others…

“Others” includes one of her biggest roles to date, as the sneaky Irene Adler in “Sherlock Holmes,” alongside Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law. McAdams says she may not show up in the sequels as with the same frequency that Adler does in the written chronicles of Holmes. “If i do [appear in ‘Sherlock Holmes 2’] it’s… more of like a cameo role. It’s sort of all still in the works. We’ll see.”

Check out what else McAdams has to say about “Morning Glory” co-star Diane Keaton and about playing strong women characters.

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