Seventeen: Hollywood Loves

Published: January, 2003

A good high school transformation tale. Rachael Leigh Cook blossomed from nerdy painter to total babe in She’s All That. Anne Hathaway went from plain civilian to gorgeous royal in The Princess Diaries. Not bad results, huh? But in The Hot Chick, things don’t work out so well for actress Rachel McAdams. She goes to bed as cheerleader Jessica Spencer – the hottest chick in high school – but wakes up as a 30-year-old guy (played by Saturday Night Live alum Rob Schneider). Bummer! Lucky for you, though, there’s more to look at in this flick than goofy Rob – as you can see from the snaps on these pages. There’s enough eye candy to sweeten up the dreariest midwinter weekend: Matthew Lawrence (Cheaters and Boy Meets World) and Eric Christian Olsen (Not Another Teen Movie) are so hot, they’ll melt away your winter blue. And the girls (Anna Faris from Scary Movie, Alexandra Holden from Sugar & Spice and Maritza Murray in her big-screen debut) are cute and superfunny as Jessica’s freaked-out friends. Sure, the plot is totally silly (and maybe even more outrageous than that of The Animal, in which Rob played a guy with beastlike tendencies), but it’s guaranteed to have toy laughing so hard, you’ll spit out your popcorn.

We were a pretty tight-knit group“, says Rachel. “If we had to work through the night, we’d stay on the set and watch the sun come up together.”

We were always telling jokes and talking in funny voices to crack each other up on the set,” says Alexandra.

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