Life Weekend: Time To Play

Published: July, 2005

When it’s hotter than the center of a Pop-Tart, most of us want to lay low in a hammock, hide out in a cool movie theater, or just sit back and watch the bug zapper light up like a pinball machine. Others live to pummel birdies or perfect their cannonball. Whatever your summer pursuit is, Wedding Crashers stars Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson can relate. Read on …

Life: What do you love about the summer?
Wilson: I remember how long it seemed, as a kid. You could get to the middle and forget the beginning, and the end seemed so far away.

Life: Did you have any summer traditions growing up?
McAdams: My family rented a cottage in Canada. They’d blare “Wake Up Little Susie” at seven in the morning throughout the entire campground. Everyone would roll over the breakfast, and then we’d jump on the trampoline all day long.
Wilson: In Texas, summer revolved around the pool. My parents would drop us off in the morning an pick us up at the end of the day. We’d be burned to a crisp, and they’d say, “Ohhh, you look so healthy” All that stuff they thought was good for you then will probably kill you now.

Life: What defines summer for you?
McAdams: Reading, boating.
Wilson: Napping, not working, backyard barbecues. In Texas, we take our barbecue very seriously.

Life: When it comes to bathing suits, do you prefer one piece or two?
WIlson: Skinny-dipping. That’s what I remeber about making this film. Rachel would say, “Did someone say ‘skinny-dipping?,'” then take off like a shot, peeling off her clothes.
McAdams: You’re such a liar! What about you and your cute two-piece?
Wilson: I have an old-fashioned swimsuit that comes way up to here [points to shoulders] and down to there [points to knees]. I have to protect my skin. I’m very fair. And very modest.

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