Entertainment Weekly: The Marry Pranksters

Entertainment Weekly
Published: July, 2005

Wedding Crashers, starring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdanms, and Isla Fisher, is the one summer comedy invite worth RSVP’ing for early.

I haven’t been to a wedding since I shot Crashers,” says McAdams. “But the movie gives you a new perspective …. You’re always wondering whether there’s an impostor now.” Vaughn says one ceremony “circa 1994” sticks out in his mind: “I remember a horrible bridesmaid dress.”

Forget the flowers, rings, and poufy dresses – McAdams thinks the best part of a wedding is the dessert. “I love wedding cake!” she enthuses. “It’s my favorite type of food.” As for filming Crashers’ fictional wedding scenes? “It was a total laugh,” says Fisher.

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