Famous: Flight Simulator

Published: August, 2005

Here’s a game: After you see Red Eye go to airhollywood.com and try to pick out the plane interior used in the film.

Claiming to be the first and largest aviation-themed film studio, Air Hollywood was founded in May 2001 by Talaat Captan, producer of a bunch of movies you’ve never heard of. It was while working on the 1998 Kiefer Sutherland thriller Ground Control (Kiefer plays an air traffic controller who has to save the day when a computer program goes haywire) that Capitan got so angry with cost and time overruns that he came up with an idea – recreate airport and plane interiors and rent them out to film and TV productions.

Four months later, September 11th made it nearly impossible to film in real airports for security reasons.

On his official site (wescraven.com), director Wes Craven explains why using a pre-fab cabin was so much easier than the real thing: “It had walls that would come off for camera angles impossible on a real plane, and had a huge crane trail running its full length, hidden above the overhead storage bins, but available for several key long tracking shots where the camera soars over the heads of the passengers to find Rachel in the middle of some new hell she has to deal with

It was cramped, but all you had to do was step outside and you were on a nice cozy sound stage.”

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