Entertainment Weekly: Spotlight on Rachel McAdams

Entertainment Weekly
Published: August, 2009

Rachel McAdams, along with legions of heady romantics around the world fell in love with Audrey Niffenegger’s 2003 best-seller about a man who ping-pongs between time periods and the woman who would who would give anything for him so stay put. Director Gus Van Sant had been diligently working on an adaption when McAdams first won the role of the very patient Clare. When Van Sant dropped out, the script found its way into the hands of Schwentke, who was eager to take on a romance after his hit thriller Flightplan. “I felt like this allowed us to tell a wonderful, classic love story with a very new reason to keep the lovers apart,” says Schwentke of the fraught relationship between Clare and Henry (Bana). “But it was a 500-plus-page narrative. We had to extract a strand of the book to allow the movie to have a pulse of its own.” Fans will notice the absence of a few suporting characters, such as Henry’s beloved Korean next-door neighbor, Kimmy. But Schwentke and McAdams both insisted that every character who’s supposed to die so at the end of the movie. Love hurts, no matter what time-space continuum you live in.

EW: When did you fall in love The Time Traveler’s Wife?
Rachel Mcadams: Someone handed me the big old hardback, and I just ate it up. It was hard to read, though, because I knew they were going to make it as a film. So the whole time I time was thinking, “Would this work? Could I be this character?

EW: The movie was originally supposed to come out last year. Why the delay?
RM: We were waiting for Eric’s hair to grow to do reshoots. Eric had gone off and played the villain in Star Trek and had to shave his head. It was just one of those things.

EW: Are you worried about the male audience dismissing this as a chick flick?
RM: That’s such a misnomer that comes with love stories. I mean, who are we kidding? A guy loves a good love story as much as a girl. I can’t tell you the number of guys who come up to me and confess that they cried during The Notebook. They have to get it off their chest! “I didn’t go into it willingly, but I really loved it.”

EW: Recently, you accepted ShoWest’s Female Star of the Year award. Did you have to give a speech?
RM: My shoes were too big, o I was more worried about them coming off than what I was going to say. I always forget about the walk up to the podium. I had chosen a really short dress and really high heels, so the whole time I was thinking, “My wardrobe is not appropriate!” But it was a really nice show. I’ve never met Michael Caine, and he was there. I still didn’t get to meet him, but I was about 10 feet away. So I’ve gotten this much closer.

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