NewsWeek: Q&A: Rachel McAdams Red Eye

The Star
Published: August 22, 2005

Rachel McAdams is America’s new sweetheart. She made us laugh in “Wedding Crashers” and cry in “The Notebook.” Next she’ll try to spook us in Wes Craven’s “Red Eye.” But first, she spoke with NEWSWEEK’s Ramin Setoodeh.

We’re doing this interview on a Saturday night. Shouldn’t you be out on a date or something?
No, I think I’m going to go back to the hotel and take a swim in the pool. I don’t have a pool at home, just a sprinkler.

Think they’ll ever show “Red Eye” on a plane?
I hope not. I don’t want to be responsible for any in-flight panic attacks.

Are you scared of flying at all?
I used to love flying. But I’ve taken so many flights and they’ve all gone so seamlessly, I’m starting to get nervous. You know when you do that you kind of jinx yourself.

You used to work at McDonald’s, right?
Yes, I was the drive-through girl. You’re dealing with starving people, so they’re bound to get a little bit violent sometimes. They’d throw change at me.

But aren’t you a vegetarian?
No. I was for a couple years, but I just got so tired. I fell asleep during a Chris Rock concert once–I was, like, front row, center–and after that I said, “I’ve got to go back on meat.” I need some iron. But I try to stay away from the baby animals.

They say you’re going to be the next Julia Roberts, but I’ve always thought you look more like Jennifer Garner.
I went to the movies the other day and the whole way up the escalator, the girl behind me was looking at this magazine and talking to her boyfriend about how much I look like Jennifer. I was standing in front of her and she had no idea.

So is Lindsay Lohan a mean girl?

That’s not what the tabloids say.
You listen to the tabloids?

Well, they haven’t said anything bad about you.
That’s nice. They like me now. Tomorrow might be a different story.

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