National Post: McAdams and her city: One of actress’s fave haunts is the video store that keeps Sex on hold

National Post
Published: July 14, 2004

Does Rachel McAdams sit at home shaking cosmopolitans and dreaming naughty little dreams about Mr. Big?

The big-screen meringue — who not only got us seriously soppy in The Notebook and seriously snickering in Mean Girls but, if the early buzz is to be believed, will also get us seriously splitting our sides in the upcoming Wedding Crashers — has a serious confession. Not having fully accepted that Sarah Jessica Parker’s chick show ended last year, McAdams still gets her fill through her very favourite video store, Black Dog Video, near Queen and Shaw.

Because I tend to re-rent Sex and the City, they’ve permanently put it on hold for me,” the Toronto actress reveals in the new issue of enRoute, where the mag has a spread titled “Rachel McAdams’ Queen Street West.”

Yesterday, when I called the video store to get a reaction, Jay Elliott, one of the owners, let out a quiet laugh. “I think she’s exaggerating just a little bit,” he told me. “Although, yes, she does tend to rent Sex quite a bit!”

(Note to Sarah Jessica: Send the girl some DVDs, will you?)
Elliott, who, together with Brian Gay, runs the perfectly cute shop done up in a colour as bloody as Snow White’s lips, tells me that the hottie is a loyal customer. McAdams, who last month won the Breakout Female prize at the MTV Movie Awards, comes in about once a week when she’s in town. She often scoops up movies she needs for “research,” such as the array of Wes Craven films she grabbed not long ago. That was in preparation for a movie — Red Eye — that she just wrapped with Wes himself.

And, hey, since we’re talking: What, I ask Mr. Black Dog Video, is his favourite McAdams film?

Mean Girls, for sure,” Elliott says without hesitation. “Thought it was clever. Tina Fey is a whiz, and McAdams was truly inspired as the school wench.”

The fact that they got the sweetest girl to play the biggest bitch … it was good acting,” he offered.

By the way: There are four other stops on Rachel’s must-do, groovy-girl Queen West list. Stop one: Stones Place, a dingy-cool bar where she likes to go to “play pool and just relax.” Then, there’s Boudoir, a vintage shop where she once landed the coolest silver rhinestone shoes, and also the Red Tea Box, a fun sippy-cup place where they also have these lavender-scented cookies that she just loves. Finally, there’s Oyster Boy, a popular restaurant where the darling once furthered her horizons by taking a shucking class.

Oh, and one more kinda interesting thing, according to enRoute: McAdams, the high-flyin’ Hollywood princess who now travels all over the place and all over the world, didn’t actually get on a plane until she was 22. How sweet is that?

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