Bop & Tiger Beat: Exclusive – Q&A with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum!

Bop and Tiger Beat
Published: February 6, 2012

BOP & Tiger Beat recently caught up with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum for an exclusive interview about the filming of their highly anticipated new movie The Vow. Inspired by true events, the film tells the story of a newlywed couple whose lives are changed forever by a tragic car accident. The wife (Paige) is put into a coma and suffers from severe memory loss, and her husband (Leo) must attempt win back her love all over again. Check out our exclusive interview below to learn more about the making of The Vow, and be sure to check it out in theaters next Friday, Feb. 10! But that’s not all: BOP & Tiger Beat will be heading to the premiere tonight, so leave us any questions for the cast in the comments section below!

BOP&TB: Both of you had big hits before with very romantic, chick-flick type movies. Do you see this as playing to your fan base or do you get offers like this all the time and you usually say no? What was the deal here?
Rachel: I don’t think it was ever that intentional for me, personally. I think I was excited to work with Channing and I really liked Michael’s vision because he seemed to have a new take on the classical love story that was one I had never seen before inspired by true events. It seemed like a really worthwhile story to tell. I liked the challenge of making it not so predictable and working against that. So it seems quite unique to me, and it was certainly a character I hadn’t played before. Unlike some chick flicks, we’re seeing things through the guy’s eyes, which is a little different as well.

Channing: I personally don’t make any decisions on the movies I take for anybody else but for myself; like, do I think I can do it or am I interested in it? I feel like if I do something for somebody else, then I won’t do it as well. … You can get too redundant if you’re only interested in one thing, but I really just loved the idea of Leo in this extraordinary circumstance with Paige. It doesn’t take a stereotypical Nicholas Sparks way to get back around to the love. There is no “aha” moment where it all falls back into place. It is a really realistic way of getting back into things. Rachel did some really interesting research on people that lose their memory and how eventually they fall back into the person they really were, which I thought was very interesting.

BOP&TB: You guys haven’t worked together before, right? So, what surprised you about him and what surprised you about her?
Channing: To be totally honest, I think that so much of Rachel comes out in her characters and in her films. She really does beautifully include different things into each character that are so her. … She is lovely and I think you guys can tell that. She is just a sweetie, and I think she was that in a lot of her characters.

Rachel: Well, thank you. I’d always heard lovely things about Channing, but it’s one thing to hear that and another thing to experience it. He went above and beyond all expectations. I’ve never met anyone like [Channing]. I mean that in the very best way. He’s the most open-hearted, generous and open-spirited person that I know. And he doesn’t do anything halfway either. Even in our meeting, he came bounding through the room and almost knocked me down with three dogs following behind him. He came in, shook my hand, spun around, tried on a dress, threw his bag on the floor, ran out the room.

BOP&TB: I’m assuming you [Rachel] got to go home a lot after shooting because it was shot in Toronto. Was that a nice perk?
Rachel: It was really nice. It’s always great because you get to know your own city in a different way through other people’s eyes.

BOP&TB: Did you show Channing around?
Rachel: Yeah, a little bit. We shot at one of the beaches and saw the sunrise come up. I think we made the most of the city.

Channing: She took us ice-skating, and I’ve never been ice-skating before.

BOP&TB:Did you fall a lot?
Channing: Yeah, let’s just call it break dancing on ice. There was a lot of hands on the ground and I couldn’t stop.

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