FTRC: Behind the scenes at ‘The Vow’ junket

From the Red Carpet
Published: February 21, 2012

Film junkets are a funny thing. You wait for hours to get your five minutes with the stars in a hot, claustrophobic room full of publicists, two cameramen, a make up artists and others.

From the second you walk in, the time keepers have the stop watch on, so five minutes actually turns into three minutes on camera time. It’s high pressure. It makes us perspire.

Chatting to some of the other film reporters in the holding room at the Soho Hotel (refreshments and pastry always on hand – thank goodness) we count our lucky stars that we live in London, just in terms of convenience.

One reporter from Ireland remarked: “Sometimes it does make you question your job when you get on a plane and travel all day for just five minutes of someone’s time.”

But time is money and the time of Hollywood stars is precious. Occasionally time stands still and you achieve an instant rapport (see our interview with Ryan Reynolds. Okay it had a lot to do with that cupcake we gave him).
Sometimes it can be uncomfortable in person, even if it’s not discernible on camera (Russell Crowe).

We know from interviewing Rachel McAdams for Morning Glory and Channing Tatum for The Eagle that both stars are extremely amenable so we were looking forward to talking about The Vow.

Based on a true story, The Vow finds an in love couple torn asunder by a car crash which leaves McAdams’ character without any memory of the past five years and indeed her husband, played by Tatum. It’s heartbreaking in places, funny in others, but it’s definitely a touching tale – made even more so knowing it’s anchored in a real life experience.

As soon as we walked in the door McAdams and Tatum began complimenting our choice of attire. First it was the dress (Topshop) and then the boots (Sergio Rossi) – it was overwhelming and so sweet!

Of course we loved what McAdams was wearing – especially the leather collar detailing on her lace dress. This is the moment (left) where we complimented her on the collar and Tatum pretended we were complimenting him on his blazer (we weren’t).

Cue – we start sweating and immediately regret the thermal underwear and extra thick tights. Time is ticking so we get down to it. Here’s the few questions that didn’t make the final FTRC edit.

This film is a beautiful love story – tell us what do you love about each other.
CT: “She has beautiful shy but giving thing about her.”
RM: “AW! Channing very much wears his heart on his sleeve and there’s such a purity and an honesty to that I think you brough that out so much in this character. It just makes the movie work. Without that we’d have nothing.”

Given that you’ve spent so much time together what bad habits have you observed about each other?
RM: “We both have the same bad habits: chewing gum.”
CT: “We chew gum a lot and tend to hide it under our tongues in scenes and then we’ll accidentally start chewing again in a scene.”

But not during a kissing scene?
RM: “Oh sure!”
CT: “Why not during a kissing scene?”

Well, because you might end up swapping gum.
Both: “Ew!”
CT: “We’ll get into little laughing fits.”
RM: “Yeah we’re kind of immature.”
CT: “Yeah our maturity level is not the highest of all people I would say.”

There are a fair few dates scenes. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
RM: “We were talking about eating. Eating is not the best date.”
CT: “I haven’t dated all that much, I’ve just been in relationships and you have your date night and what not, movies are always a bad idea on the first date because you don’t ever end up understanding or learning if you enjoy being around this person because you’re just sitting next to someone in a dark room…”
RM: “We want everyone to go see our movie…” [Rachel puts her hand on his arm and starts laughing]
CT: “Awesome!
RM: Uh… every movie but ours! In our movie there’s long pauses where you can talk about things. Nice one!”

Short but sweet – and sadly cut off before we’d come anywhere near the end of our hardline (read: fluffy) questioning.

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