Allure: Beauty Call

Published: July, 2014

McAdams has a secret weapon for beauty: her younger sister, Kayleen McAdams, a celebrity makeup artist. “[Kayleen] has a real sense of style,” says McAdams. “Even though I’m an older sister, I totally defer to her.” Her lessons learned:

What skin-care product can you not live without? “I use a seaweed mask [Fresh Sea Plant Mask] by Chicet that I really love. It dries, and then it’s really fun to pick off the pieces of seaweed, which is totally disgusting, and I can’t believe I just told you that.”

What about for your hair? “Right now, I’m using Lavera. It’s the Rose Milk line, which I just love the sound of.”

Have you made any big hair mistakes? “It would be from the figure-skating days. That was the ’80s, so it was the bangs—you curl it in really tiny, tiny, tiny curls, and then you tease it, and then you spray it with this stuff called Ice Mist, and you could practically break off your bangs.”

What’s the best beauty advice you got from your mother? “She always thinks my sister’s and my mascara is too black. I’ve finally heeded her advice, and I’m now wearing brown. It goes better with light eyes, blue eyes. But I love a thick black. I just love to whack it on.”

Any makeup mistakes? “I went through a period where I’d wear stickers or have sort of temporary face tattoos. [Kayleen] put me in my place. She was like, ‘You have to stop that.'”

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