Allure: Cover Look Rachel McAdams

Published: July, 2014

The crew shot by a creek at an estate in Harriman, New York.

For someone who’s starred in two time-travel movies, the setting for McAdams’s second Allure cover shoot was fitting—a historic Sprawling estate in Harriman. New York. Carter Smith photographed McAdams on a chilly May day.

Farm to Tablet: The skies had just cleared when McAdams arrived for the shoot. which was Inspired by the 1980 film Tess (based, turn, on the 1891 novel Tess of the D’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy). She headed for the stables, where the crew was stationed, and flipped trough images of the clothes with Allure creative director Paul Cavaco before grabbing breakfast. Sipping decaf black tea that she’d brought, Mcadams watched a bit of Tess on an iPad while hair and makeup got to work.

Hats Off: Cavaco suggested McAdams try on a bonnet as they put together the first look. “My mom sued to make m wear one, and I gate it,” she said. “Now I love it.” The crew all laughed as they put bonnets on one another, then ventured out to a creek on the property. They shot the second look at the stables before a sudden rain shower.

Day Tripping: McAdams ate a late lunch of couscous salad, kale, carrots, and salmon-but what she raved about was the lemon tart. She sliced pieces for the crew before getting her hair and makeup touched up for the cover shot. McAdams thank the crew and hopped into a car around 5 P.M. for the hour-long ride back to the city.

McAdams’ look can be re-created with the following: Healthy Volume Mascara, Healthy Skin Custom Glow Blush & Bronzer in Natural Glow, and Naturals Lip Balm by Neutrogena. Silk dress by Dolce & Gabana. Photographed by Carter Smith. Hair: Ken O’Rourke. Makeu: Dotti. Manicure: Deborah Lippmann. Fashion editor: Paul Cavaco.

Eyes: Healthy Volume Mascara by Neutrogena
Cheeks: Healthy Skin Custom Glow Blush & Bronzer by Neutrogena
Lips: Naturals Lip Balm by Neutrogena

Makeup Lesson
“She showed up with rosy cheeks, so we wanted to embrace what was already there,” said makeup artist Dotti. “There’s a raw beauty to such a minimal, fresh look.”

1. Dotti primed McAdams’s skin with a hydrating sheet mask before applying a moisturizer with sunscreen.
2. After a few touches of concealer, she blended a bronzer all over the actress’s skin and pink-nude blush on just the apples of her cheeks.
3. Dotti applied false lashes and swept mascara on over them. A dash of clear lip balm and they called it a day.

Beyond the Cover
McAdams currently appears in A Most Wanted Man. Her next role is opposite Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper in an as-yet-unnamed Cameron Crowe movie that will be out this Christmas day.

Carter Smith: Shooting’ Rachel McAdams at an estate in Harriman, New York, for “Cool and Hot” posed unexpected challenges for Smith. “I loved a shot we did by a stream, bill we all had to scramble down a muddy embankment to get there,” he says. “There were unstable locks and snakes—though I kept the snake sightings to myself.” The location gave the images a richness of mood. “It allowed Rachel to become a character.” he says. “The element of the unknown, like high winds, can take a picture in a completely new direction.”

Brooke Hauser: “I’m a huge fan of Mean Girls. W hen I learned I’d be profiling Rachel McAdams. my first thought was that I’ve Interviewed three of the four Plastics,” says Hauser. the author of “Cool and Hot.” (Look out. Lacey Chabeil.) Though they mostly discussed McAdams’s career, the Allure contributing editor couldn’t resist asking the actress about her ex Ryan Gosling. “She’s aware that fans want to hear about her and Ryan,” says Hauser. “She didn’t shut me down, but she didn’t encourage me, either. She’s a good sport, but she has boundaries.”

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