SFX: “It’s Not A Classic Love Story”

Published: October, 2016

Rachel McAdams is Dr Christine Palmer

What’s your character’s relationship with Stephen Strange?
I play an er trauma doctor who specialises in thoracic surgery, at the metropolitan Hospital in New york City. Stephen is a very famous, successful neurosurgeon at the same hospital that she works at. They are former boyfriend and girlfriend when we pick up in the story. so we start at the end of their relationship, which is a little bit different. it’s not a classic love story, which i thought was really clever.

Did you research your character in the comic books?
I read a few of the comics. scott Derrickson, the director, pointed me towards “the Oath” in particular. He thought that would be the most helpful for my character. She’s not really in the superhero world yet in this one. She’s very much in the real world, in the hospital and in doctor land. For me it was interesting to get to know strange in terms of the comics and see where my character might potentially be headed.

What does a cast like this do for a Marvel project?
It just elevates everything and being able to work with all those amazing actors raises the bar and allows the audience to buy into things more and suspend their disbelief. Tilda looks incredible as the Ancient One. She’s really extraordinary. You can’t take your eyes off of her and the same with Benedict. His transformation into Strange is really extraordinary.

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