Buzzfeed: Benedict Cumberbatch And The “Doctor Strange” Cast Mock Up Their Ideal Superhero Alter-Egos

Published: October 28, 2016

Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, and co. explain their powers, costumes, and sidekicks to BuzzFeed. And we of course mock up what they’d look like.

Marvel fans and Benedict Cumberbatch fans are in for a big treat – Doctor Strange has finally hit cinemas. So when some of the main cast came through London this week to promote the film, we decided to get the lowdown on what their ideal superhero alter-egos would be. Here’s everything from their costumes to their sidekicks and their superhero BFFs…

Rachel McAdams

What superpower would you have?
Rachel McAdams: Selfishly I’d like to have invisibility because I’ve always wanted to go into other people’s houses and see what they look like and just watch them interact. I guess I’m an actor – just human behaviour’s just fascinating to me. I mean, I’d like to be… I really love the comic book Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman. She’s kind of an environmental superhero, where she’s kind of trying to bring the planet back to itself again. So I’d probably go around cleaning up the ocean and…

What would your outfit be?
RM: I was a figure skater so I wore a lot of spandex in my life, so I’d probably avoid that. What would I wear?! I wouldn’t mind a cape, actually. I think they’re kind of cool. Benedict made the cape cool again. [corrects herself] The cloak, the cloak. I have to respect the cloak.

Any particular colours?
RM: I really like pink.

If you had to protect one city, which would it be?
RM: [looks shocked] One city?! Oh I don’t know, all my friends and family are scattered around. Can I save them all?!

What would your weakness be?
RM: Scary movies.

Who would be your superhero BFF?
RM: The Ancient One! [from Doctor Strange]

If you could be your ultimate superhero for one week, what would you do?
RM: I would fly around a lot. I would fly around the world.

And here are the powers he [Scott Derickson] would assign the main cast, based on their behaviour on set:

Rachel McAdams:
I would give Rachel the power to communicate empathy and love to all the people in the world that she would want to, which would be probably everyone… That’s Rachel. Rachel is all heart. She would use that power and she would use it for good.

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