“Midnight In Paris” Receives 4 Oscar Nominations!

The 84th Academy Award nominations were announced earlier this morning and “Midnight in Paris” received 4 nominations. The Woody Allen directed movie is nominated for Art Direction (Anne Seibel and Hélène Dubreuil), Best Director (Woody Allen), Best Picture (Producers: Letty Aronson and Stephen Tenenbaum) and Best Original Screenplay (Woody Allen).

The critical acclaimed movie recently won Best Screenplay during the Golden Globes. Let’s hope Rachel will make an attendance during the ceremony February 26th! Congratulations to the cast and crew for the nominations!

Update: Deadline published and article with all the reactions to the Oscar nominations producer Letty Aronson and production designer Anne Seibel gave a reaction for the “Midnight in Paris” nominations.

“We are clearly the underdog. We don’t usually get nominated. I remember I was surprised when I first saw the script. I couldn’t imagine that we’d have more than a niche audience for this movie because, you know, who even thinks about Gertrude Stein anymore or who knows Man Ray, or cares? So it was amazing to me when it actually came to life that people did care and enjoyed it and identify with the concept of appreciating or wanting or longing something different in their lives, or thinking it would be better someplace else or with somebody else or in a different time.”
-Letty Aronson, producer
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First Movie Clips of “The Vow”

Sony Pictures released the first 3 movie clips of “The Vow” yesterday. We added them in our media archive. The first clip is from the wedding scene, the second one in a restaurant eating dessert and the last one shows us the first time Paige and Leo meet. Rachel and Channing are expected to start the US promo tour this week. The movie will hit theaters February 10, 2012 – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Update: One more movie clip was released today via the official facebook of The Vow. We added the clip in media archive well.

New interviews

According to Channing’s website Rachel & Channing will kick off the US promo tour this week.

The first interviews to promote “The Vow” were also released. Rezirb.com published an article with quotes from director Michael Sucsy, Channing Tatum and Rachel about the movie. Be sure to read the interview in our press archive.

Scotsman.com released a brand new interview of Rachel, we assume taken during her press days in London, earlier today. Keep an eye on “The Vow” tag in our library, we will try to add all the new interviews of Rachel to promote the movie in our press archive as soon as possible.

Rachel McAdams, star of new romantic weepie The Vow, is a beguiling mix of open charm and steely determination. Just the right qualities to take you the top in the film business

Rachel McAdams deserves an Oscar for making us cry in public. There was The Time Traveller’s Wife in which her love for her husband (Eric Bana) was romantically challenged due to his incessant time-zone zapping; followed by The Notebook, opposite a then rising star, Ryan Gosling in which two people from different sides of the tracks were united in a touching full-blown “I can’t live without you” love. This role catapulted the actress from relative obscurity to the dizzy heights of Hollywood, with her name suddenly on the lips of top agents.
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New TV Spots for “The Vow” + Munich Photocall

Two brand new TV spots were released of “The Vow” with even more new footage of the movie. We added both tv spots in our media archive. Be sure to watch them both, Rachel & Channing share some cute moments! We also added a video of Rachel and Channing during “The Vow” Germany photocall earlier this week.

“The Vow” Germany Photocall

Rachel attended the photocall for “The Vow” in Munich (München), Germany earlier today to promote the movie. We added the first released photos of Rachel during the photocall in our gallery. She looked lovely! Be sure to check back because we are still adding lots more additions. Rachel wore a Collette Dinnigan dress.

“This Morning” Interview Photos

Rachel and her co-star Channing Tatum made an appearance at “This Morning” show to promote “The Vow“. You can watch the interview in our media archive. We added photos of Rachel during the interview in our gallery.

Tomorrow she will be promoting the movie with Channing in Munich, Germany.

ITV ‘This Morning’ Interview

Today was a busy day for our girl since the promotion for “The Vow” officially began. She and Channing Tatum had different interviews and a press junket for the movie in London. We updated you earlier today with the first photos of Rachel outside of BBC Radio 1 but we already added a lot more photos.

We also added the video of Rachel and Channing’s interview at ITV’s “This Morning” show were they made an appearance to promote the movie. Thanks to Sundaystorms of fyMcgosling for uploading the video! We also added photos of Rachel outside the ITV studios.

Rachel was also seen outside the Soho Hotel in London earlier this evening, we assume after the press junket for “The Vow“. We added the first photos in our gallery as well. Her co-star Channing Tatum also revealed they will go to Germany as well this week to promote the movie there.

Outside BBC Radio 1

The promotion for “The Vow” officially started with Rachel and Channing promoting the movie in London today. They were both seen outside the BBC Radio 1 building in London this morning. We added the first photos in our gallery, Rachel looked stunning!

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