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“The Ellen Degeneres” Appearance – Full interview!

Rachel made an appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres” show yesterday (February 7) to promote her new movie “The Vow“. We already added the preview of the interview earlier today but we were able to get the full interview and we added it in our media archive

Rachel talked about the movie, going paragliding (and they even showed a video!) and they did a game of guessing her co-stars abs. She was lovely as always, it’s definitely one of our favorite interviews so far since we love Ellen! Channing will be on Ellen tomorrow (February 9) and Rachel will be on “The Late Night Show with Jay Leno” on Friday (February 10).

USA Today Interview

USA Today published their interview with Rachel and her co-star Channing Tatum to talk about their movie “The Vow” during one of the press days in Los Angeles. We added the interview in our library. We also added the portrait session of Rachel and Channing in our gallery.

It’s not quite Valentine’s Day, but Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are getting hot and heavy in a corner booth at the Four Seasons hotel.

Well, not quite.

McAdams, petite in a pair of high-waisted shorts and a scoop-necked Valentino top, is squished into a ball as a suited-up Tatum purrs into her ear: “If I was a puppy. And you bought me. I would jump. All. Over. You.”
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USA Today also publish a separate article with quotes of Rachel on “Midnight in Paris” and her upcoming, still untitled, movie with Terrence Malick which can also be found in our library. More interviews of Rachel during her press days in Los Angeles to promote the movie can be found under The Vow” tag in our press archive.

“The Vow” Press Junket Interviews

The first interviews of Rachel and her co-star Channing Tatum during their press junkets for “The Vow” are coming in. We added a few interviews of them during their Los Angeles and Munich press days. All the previews can be found below/inside.

The Los Angeles red carpet premiere for the movie will be next Monday February 6, Rachel will be on The Ellen Degeneres Show February 7 and on The Late Night Show with Jay Leno February 10. Be sure to catch her co-star Channing Tatum hosting SNL this Saturday!

Live with Kelly! Appearance

Rachel made an appearance on Live with Kelly! with Daniel Radcliffe as guest host yesterday (January 31st) morning. We added the interview in our media archive, we love that Daniel is mentioning “Slings & Arrows” since it’s one of our favorite Rachel projects so far. We also added the screen captures of the interview in our gallery.

It was also announced yesterday that Rachel will make an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on February 10.

“The Vow” Interviews + TV Spots

The first two interviews of Rachel during one of the Los Angeles press days were released. Sony also released five new TV spots. We added all the videos in our media archive. so be sure to watch them all.

Rachel covers Stella Magazine (UK)

Rachel covers yesterday’s (January 29) Stella Magazine which is part of The Sunday Telegraph in the UK. We added the digital scans in our gallery. They used a new outtake from the same shoot as The Daily Telegraph so we assume Rachel recently did a promotional photoshoot for her “The Vow” interviews.

We also added the full interview in our press archive. Rachel talks about “The Vow“, working with Woody Allen, Michael Sheen and more. Be sure to read the full interview, a preview can be found below.

A graduate of the teen hit Mean Girls, the actress Rachel McAdams has gone on the show her talent in a whole succession of rom-coms and tear-jerkers. She talks to Elaine Lipworth about her weepiest film to date, falling in love with the British star Michael Sheen and why she’s june a home-bird at heart.

Eight years ago The Notebook, a gloriously sentimental triple-tissue weepie, puy Rachel McAdams on the map. She’d already given a scene-stealing performance in Mean Girls (overshadowing the film’s lead, Lindsay Lohan), but The Notebook, in which she was cast alongside Ryan Gosling, grossed $75 million world wide and is now regularly listed with Titanic, Moonstruck and Gone with the Wind as one of the most romantic films ever made. “I remember coming out of the audition instinctively feeling that my life was never going to be the same,” recalls the 33-year-old actress over afternoon tea in a hotel suite in Los Angeles.
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The Daily Telegraph Interview

The Daily Telegraph in Australia published a new interview with Rachel during one of the press days in Los Angeles. We added the interview in our press archive. The interview also features a new photo of Rachel which you can find in our gallery.

She’s the queen of the weepy movie, starring in sob-out-loud films The Notebook, opposite her then-boyfriend Ryan Gosling, and The Time Traveler’s Wife with Eric Bana.

Now, in her next sentimental saga, The Vow, Rachel McAdams will have audiences reaching for tissues again. “I’m a fan of romantic movies,” McAdams, 33, tells Insider at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

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Another clip of “The Vow” + On Set interview

We came across another movie clip of “The Vow“, which is the 5th one that is released so far. We also found the first on set interview/sound bites of Rachel on set of the movie. She talked about her co-star Channing Tatum and the movie. We added both videos in our media archive.

Rachel and Channing will start their US promotion tour for “The Vow” this weekend with a press junket in Los Angeles.

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