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Première France Interview + Scans

We added the magazine scans of Rachel in the French Première in our gallery, thanks to Camillou. She spoke to the magazine while she was in Paris to promote “Morning Glory“. We tried to translate the interview into english, but since I use my ‘high-school French’ it’s not perfect and loosely translated but it’s a really nice interview and definitely worth the read. She explains the career choices the makes and wants to make, and finding the balance between work and her personal life.

You travel a lot, you are popular, respected in the industry, featured in a big movie like Morning Glory but haven’t become a complete celebrity. Do you think it’s better like that?
It’s hard to find a balance. You have to be present in a effective way, so the public wants to go and see your movies when they come out. You have to create the desire but not extend it so people will get tired of you … It’s really difficult to become an actor who can make a living for themselves by acting. I never wanted to be famous, I never seek for the attention, the public loves the glitter and glamor. In the past, an actor could be successful while maintaining a private life.

This is happening for you, right?
Yes, but for that I force myself not to be socially involved in Hollywood, if I did so I would probably have more work then I wanted. Because if you disappear for a long time from the radar, you get off the radar completely … It’s the balance I mentioned before that I am trying to achieve. And if that means you will never become a actor like Nicole Kidman or Julia Robers I am fine with that. It’s the career that suits me more. I want my privacy.

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TV Appereances Captures Additions

We continue our gallery additions today with additions to our TV Appearances screencapture section in our gallery. We made captures from all the missing Talk Show interviews so far, most of them during the “Morning Glory” promotion tour. All the interviews can be watched in our media archive.

TV Appereances Additions

Today we came across some missing photos of Rachel during two different TV appearances: during “The Today Show” (November 8 2010) while promoting “Morning Glory” and “The Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien” (December 4, 2009) while promoting “Sherlock Holmes“. Both sets can be viewed in our gallery.

“Morning Glory” Media Archive Update

We continue our “Morning Glory” media archive updates with interviews of Rachel during the press day in New York (November 2010). We previously updated you with videos from the London premiere and London press day. If you haven’t bought the DVD/Blu-Ray of “Morning Glory” yet be sure you do because it recently released (March 8), you can also get it via Itunes.

Visiting Sat.1 TV Appearance

We added photos of Rachel during her Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen interview. It’s a German TV Morning Show were she is going to talk about “Morning Glory“. We haven’t found the interview yet but be sure to keep checking back for it. You can watch candids of Rachel leaving the studios after the interview in our update of yesterday.

Nina Dobrev is Fascinated by Rachel

Canadia actress Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Dairies) admitted in previous interviews that she admires Rachel’s work and really sees her as someone she looks up to. In a recent interview, for Flaire of February 2011, Nina opens up about her fascination for Rachel.

Diary she would love to read:

“I would never actually read anyone’s diary, but I would be fascinated to step into Rachel McAdams’s shoes. We’re both from Ontario and studied in Toronto so I’d be interested to know what her process, achievements, and hardships have been throughout the years. She’s a great talent who holds her own opposite names such as Robert Downey Jr., Diane Keaton, Eric Bana, and Harrison Ford.”


Merry Christmas!

We wanted to wish all the visitors of Rachel McAdams Online a wonderful christmas. We hope you all enjoyed the first christmas day and are enjoying the second one right now. Rachel recently opened up on how she spend her christmas:

For Rachel McAdams, another Canadian actor, “Christmas is usually pretty much the same. I’m always with my family in Canada. We do the big Christmas dinner.”

With a chuckle, she revealed: “We still have the stockings—we can’t seem to let go of the stockings. My mom was like, ‘You are 30 plus. It’s time to put the stockings away.’ My brother, sister and I were like, ‘No, we love the stockings.’ That’s our favorite part, so what we do is everyone buys something for each other’s stockings. We all contribute something special so it’s not just my mom going out and buying.”

She likes to cook, stressed Rachel, who top-billed “Morning Glory.” “I like to do the sweet potatoes. We take turns with the duties every year, from setting the table to cooking.”


“The Early Show” Interview

Rachel visited The Early Show this monday to talk about “Morning Glory“. It was a pre-taping because the interview aired this morning. We added the interview in our media archive, she looks so beautiful! Rachel visited the Early Show back in 2005 to talk about “Red Eye“.

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