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“Doctor Strange” Entertainment Weekly Magazine Scans

Entertainment Weekly has the first official look at “Doctor Strange” in their current issue, which is on (digital) newsstands right now. We have added the digital scans of the entire feature in our gallery. More details on Rachel’s character has been revealed by the magazine, while the characters name is yet to be revealed. Over the past few days EW released more details on the movie via their website, including more details about Rachel’s co-stars Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mad Mikkelsen. The excerpts and links can be found after the jump.

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The Wrap Magazine Scans (December 23, 2015)

We have added the (print) magazine scans of The Wrap’s Oscar feature in our gallery. We previously added the photoshoot outtakes and behind the scenes coverage in our gallery. Rachel graces the cover of the magazine alongside her co-stars Liev Schreiber, Brian D’Arcy James, John Slattery, Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo and journalists Mike Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer, Walter Robinson, Ben Bradlee Jr., Matt Carroll and Marty Baron.

November 2015 Magazine Additions

We have added various magazine scans and magazine clippings of “Spotlight” related articles and reviews in our gallery, including a great feature in The Hollywood Reporter. Many thanks to my good friend Luciana for her donations.

Spotlight” is currently playing in selected theaters in the U.S. Be sure to head over to to find out a theater close to you.

Rachel Covers Psychologies (UK) & Woman (Austria)

Rachel is gracing the covers of the current issues of Psychologies (UK) and Woman (Austria), which are both on newsstands right now. We have added the magazine scans in our gallery. Psychologies is using a reprint of her recent Los Angeles Times photoshoot while Woman is using a reprint of Stylists. Thanks to my friend Claudia for the heads up!

You might also have noticed we are using slightly bigger thumbnails now in our gallery. You may have to refresh the page for our older albums. As we previously mentioned we are not using intermediate images anymore, you will directly go to the original size after clicking on the thumbnail. Also, don’t forget to use our new domain – – when visiting our site!

Tu Style & TV Digital Scans

We have added two international magazine scans in our gallery. Rachel is featured in Tu Style’s September 1 issue and TV Digital’s August 14 issue. Many thanks to my friend Frederik for donating the last ones.

You might also have noticed a small change in our gallery. We are using a new script and this means we are not using intermediate images anymore. Now, when you click on our thumbnail, you will immediately view the original/full size image which will fit your screen. This way our site is easier to browse, especially for your mobile devices.

Total Film UK Scans (September 2015)

The magazine scans of Total Film (UK) have been added in our gallery. Many thanks to my friend Luciana for donating them. We added the full interview transcript in our press archive. Excerpts of the interview can be found below. Rachel talks about “True Detective“, “Aloha” and “Southpaw“.

On True Detective: “The material’s so dark it almost allowed the time when you weren’t at work to be very light. So there was a levity around the work that allowed you to really focus when you needed to, but there wasn’t this heaviness on set. Taylor has a really great, unexpected sense of humour that kind of catches you by surprise, Colin is Irish so… [laughs] you know, and then Vince is just so smart – I was amazed at the ways in which Vince could make things funny with this material.”

On Getting Involved in True Detective Season 2: ” I had a Skype [call] with Nic [Pizzolatto, creator and writer] first and that’s where it began. I read a couple of the episodes and hit the ground running.”
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Marie Claire June 2015 Digital Scans

The digital magazine scans of Rachel’s Marie Claire June 2015 cover story have been added in our gallery. The transcript of the interview, as well as the Behind The Cover stories have been added in our press archive. The magazine is already on digital newsstands and will hit physical newsstands on May 19.

No more Ms. Nice Guy. As a rough-around-the-edges law enforcer in this month’s cult crime show True Detective, Rachel McAdams is like nothing we’ve seen before. Which is just the way she likes it.

Rachel McAdams shows up for our interview in an electric car the size of a toaster. We’re high up in L.A.’s Fryman Canyon on a bright, breezy spring morning, and McAdams is wearing a baggy maroon hoodie, no-name sunglasses, spandex leggings, and a Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap. Her hair is four inches of black roots plus three inches of bleached-out surf-rat frizz at the ends. Her makeup is slim to none. If anyone has ever wondered what the opposite of a movie star entrance looks like, it’s safe to say this is it.
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Marie Claire BTS Video & Additions

The official behind the scenes/on-set video of Rachel’s Marie Claire June 2015 cover shoot has been added in our video archive. Many thanks to my friend Amanda for helping us out. The high definition screencaptures have been added to our gallery, as well as a few more additional photoshoot outtakes. The magazine will hit newsstands on May 19.

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