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Vs. Magazine Scans + Full interview

We added the magazine scans of Rachel’s Vs. Magazine cover shot by Drew Barrymore. We also added the full interview in our press archive, be sure to read it as well. It’s a fun conversation between Rachel and Drew. Rachel also talks about working with Terrence Malick, what characters she prefers to play and doing a German dialect for “A Most Wanted Man“.

She can play America’s sweetheart like no other – see The Vow and The Notebook – but Rachel McAdams is also the rare actress in Hollywood who can say she’s worked with Woody Allen and is on a first-name basis with a certain Palme d’or winning auteur, one “Terry” Malick. In the second part of our Vs. trilogy Drew’s Muses, the actress-director-photographer, and certainly the most entertaining interviewer you’ll ever meet Drew Barrymore, cast her in the one role that’s totally uncharted territory: Pirelli pin-up girl as we remember it from the 90s.
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We want to ask you to credit us when you use the scans or transcript of the interview in our press archive. We made the scans exclusively for our site.

Vs. Magazine Fashion Spread

Vs. Magazine released a web quality preview of their upcoming fashion spread on their official website, including the first pages of Rachel’s shoot. We added them in our gallery, she looks absolutely stunning. The photos – and it looks like the interview as well – were taken by Drew Barrymore. I hope we are able to add the high quality scans and shoot in our gallery soon but in the mean time you can enjoy these.

Vs. Magazine – First look

I came across a photo taken of Rachel’s Vs. Magazine editorial on InstaGram. Like we reported before Rachel is gracing the cover of the magazine, which will hit newsstand early September, and her shoot is shot by actress Drew Barrymore. We added the (low quality) preview in our gallery, and we can’t wait to see more of this!

In other news, it looks like Rachel might not attend Venice Film Festival later this week. Various foreign news sources are reporting that only Olga Kurylenko and Javier Bardem are expected. A Belgium journalist confirmed to our twitter account that only Olga, Javier and Noomi Rapace – for “Passion” – are announced to do interviews. I am still hoping that Rachel will make an appearance, especially since it was announced during the press conference that she was expected to attend.

Rachel covers Vs. Magazine (Fall 2012)

Rachel is one of the cover stars of Vs. Magazine’s Fall 2012 edition. Amanda Seyfried, Liv Tyler and Coco Rocha also have their own cover. Rachel’s cover is shot by Drew Barrymore. released a preview of all the covers, we added Rachel’s cover in our gallery. I assume Rachel is on the cover to promote her upcoming movies “To The Wonder” and “Passion“.

We hope more information, outtakes and the interview will be released soon.

Tu Style (Italy) Magazine Scans

Rachel is gracing the cover of the current issue of Tu Style in Italy. They used old outtakes from her People Magazine and Marie Claire photoshoot. We added the scans in our gallery, thanks to my friend Claudia for donating them to us!

It looks like a new interview with Rachel, so if you are from Italy yourself and you want to help out with translating the interview please drop me a line!

People Style Watch Cover (April)

Rachel is featured on the cover of People’s Style Watch (April 2012). They used a photo of Rachel during the “Midnight in Paris” Cannes photocall and they dedicated 4 pages inside the magazine to Rachel and her style. Thanks to my good friend Helena for scanning these for us!

Rachel McAdams can do drama (“The Vow”), comedy (“Wedding Crashers”), thrillers (“Red Eye”) and Oscar-nominated fare (“Midnight in Paris”) – and her look is equally versatile. Since her breakout role in 2004’s Mean Girls, she’s demonstrated her willingness to take risks with her fashions (and hair!), so as she graces our April cover, we thought it was the perfect time to look back at her style transformation. Pick up an issue of People StyleWatch, on newsstands and tablets now! Continue to People’s style watch

Blast from the Past: Times Magazine Scans (Fall 2008)

I am currently going through my magazine collection scanning all the magazine we don’t have in our gallery or I will replace scans we have with better quality ones. Today I added Rachel’s Times Magazine from New York Magazine in our gallery. Rachel graced the cover of the fall 2008 issue to promote “The Lucky Ones“. More information can you read here and you can (re-)read the interview in our press archive.

Please credit our site if you use or repost these scans anywhere else since they are scanned exclusively for Rachel McAdams Online! We are also working on expanding our content and getting pages up-to-date again.

Hello! Magazine UK Interview

Hello! Magazine UK published a new interview with Rachel, taken during one of the press days in Los Angeles, to promote “The Vow“. She talks about wedding vows, dating, her house and more. We added the scan in our gallery, thanks to Laura!

Some of the interview highlights can be found below, but be sure to read the full interview in our press archive.

What attracts you in a boyfriend?
First and foremost, a sense of humor. You can have passion, you can have interest in common, and all the other good things. But if it’s to be a long-term relationship, then you’re going to need something to get you through the trials and tribulations. The ability to laugh together and not to take everything too seriously is essential. It’s a way to connect that forgives a lot of other things, and it allows you to move on much more quickly if there’s a problem.

You both travel a lot. Is that a problem for you?
It can be a challenge, but the nature of our job is living like a gypsy, so we’re more or less used to it by now. It keeps life interesting and exciting and you get to see the world. But for me, I don’t like to do two jobs back to back. I like having time in between jobs to go home to Toronto and unwind and reconnect with family and friends. That’s very important to me.

Are you still friends with your old boyfriends?
Yes, absolutely. There’s no one who’s ever been significantly in my life for whom I don’t have a sort of tenderness because they helped to shape who I am. However long some is in your life, they’re there to teach us something and I try to make the most of any relationship.
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