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Leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live show

Rachel pre-recorded Live with Jimmy Kimmel on December 3th and it will air December 17th. I’ve added a fanvideo of Rachel arraving at Jimmy Kimmel. She signed and took pictures with fans and she looked stunning.

New Sherlock Holmes TV Spots

I’ve added three new TV Spots for Sherlock Holmes in our Media Archive. Be sure to check them out because you can see a little bit of Rachel in them. The previews and links are below.

Rachel on Battle of the Blades

Thanks to our visitor, Kate, we have a video of Rachel being shown briefly in the audience last night on a Canadian reality tv show, called Battle of the Blades. She can only be seen at the very beginning of the video, for a couple of seconds, so make sure you focus! :)

Screencaptures Updates & Live with Regis & Kelly

I finally added the interview Rachel did with Regis & Kelly a few months ago in our media archive. Rachel did promotion for The Time Traveler’s Wife and I love the interview. Rachel’s family was in the audience to support her. You can also watch the interview of Rachel with Eric Bana on the Today Show in our media archive.

I’ve made and added screepcatures of Rachel’s interview with Regis&Kelly and her interview with the Today Show with her co-star Eric Bana.

Sherlock Holmes Featurette

The official featurette with behind the scenes footage of Sherlock Holmes has been released. Be sure to take a look because it’s really fun to see. You can see a little bit of Rachel around the 1:38 mark.

New Sherlock Holmes Trailer & TV Spots

The final trailer for Sherlock Holmes has been released and two TV spots. In the first TV spot we don’t see much Rachel and in the second one a little bit more. I think (and hope) we will see a lot more Rachel in Sherlock Holmes than I expected. Added all the videos in our media archive, take a look.

Media Archive Online!

Some exciting news for Rachel McAdams Online today because the Media Archive is back online with over 160 videos. Thans to Gertie for moving the old media archive from Rachelfan to this domain name. Take a look around and become a member to comment!

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Rachel on the Today Show April 15

Hello Everyone! Rachel was on the Today show this morning an I managed to record it for all you fantastic visitors and fans. Sorry about the flv quality, when the video archive site goes up, it will be a clearer video, I promise . Enjoy!

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