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2017 Toronto International Film Festival Schedule

2017 Toronto International Film Festival Schedule

The 2017 Toronto International Film Festival announced it’s official schedule today. As we previously reported, “Disobedience” is part of their special presentations line-up. The festival runs from September 7 to 17, 2017 and the first screening will be held on Sunday, September 10th. Rachel is expected to attend the festival. Other guests expected to attend include Rachel’s costars Rachel Weisz and Alessandro Nivola and director Sebastián Lelio according to the official press release. For more information about the tickets and festival be sure to head over to the official website.

Disobedience | World Premiere | Special Presentations
Sunday September 10 – 06:00PM Princess of Wales
Monday September 11 – 4:45PM Scotia 2 (Industry & Press) & 06:00PM TBLB 1
Thursday September 14 – 4:45PM Scotia 3 (Industry & Press) & 03:00AM Ryerson
Saturday September 16 – 11:30PM Elgin

Furthermore, the programmers note has also been released for the movie, which you can find below and after the jump.

Disobedience | By Diana Sanchez
United Kingdom | 114 minutes | 2017 | 18A | Colour | English | World Premiere
Sebastián Lelio (A Fantastic Woman, Gloria) directs Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams in this adaptation of Naomi Alderman’s novel about a woman who returns home to her orthodox Jewish community in London and rekindles a romance with her cousin’s wife.

Love and faith are placed in dramatic opposition in this new film from Gloria writer-director Sebastián Lelio — whose equally stirring A Fantastic Woman also screens at this year’s Festival. Loosely based on British author Naomi Alderman’s novel and co-scripted with playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Lelio’s first film set outside of his native Chilé stars Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams as two passionate women caught on either side of the line that divides the devout from the secular.
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Screenwriter Mark Perez Talks “Game Night”

Screenwriter Mark Perez Talks “Game Night”

Game Night” screenwriter Mark Perez did an in-depth interview with the podcast Too Fat Dudez earlier this week and also discussed the movie. He gave some great and interesting insights into the movie and filmmaking process. We made a transcript of the excerpts related to the movie but you are able to download or listen to the full podcast via their website (stars around the 26:00 mark). The excerpts are spoiler-ish so be a aware of this before reading them. The movie will be released on March 2, 2018 and the first test screenings are being held these past few months. As we previously reported, 1iota is hosting advance (test) screenings. The next one is next week in West Hollywood. For more information head to and we will try to inform you of the latest screenings on our twitter feed.

Q: Let’s go back to your latest movie that you’ve said you just saw it, “Game Night”, due out next year. Who’s in it? Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams? That’s an awesome duo.
A: By the way, the cast is – I don’t know if you guys are big TV fans, I’m sure you are – but the cast is dope. It’s Kyle Chandler, it’s Jesse Plemons. It’s homeboy who’s Dexter, Michael C. Hall. He plays the bad guy. What’s the guy from Westworld? Jeffrey Wright. It’s crazy. It’s got all these legitimate actors.

What’s cool about it, and when I wrote it, I wanted it to be not just a comedy but a murder mystery. You know, the premise is, you know a bunch of [people playing game night]. This is the one thing, you always have to come up with something everything relates to like bad moms or hangover. So I was like, everybody plays game night. Couples get together [to play games]. I’m like, what’s the hook of it? What if a rich brother came into town and upstaged your game night and did a murder mystery night. But then you come to find out that the brother is being chased by the mob and a real murder happens but nobody playing knows they think it’s a game until halfway through. And what the cool thing is, what the directors did, I saw it last night. They play it really dark and real and people get shot and sometimes it’s fake and sometimes it’s real. So you never really know. So the audience is laughing but also their big note was, ‘unexpected’. Which I think especially with movies nowadays, especially with comedies is everybody seen them all. Every comedy that comes out, I’m like I have seen that.
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“Disobedience” News Round-Up

“Disobedience” News Round-Up

While we are eagerly anticipating the world premiere of “Disobedience” at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival in September, which was announced earlier this week, we will round-up the latest news on the movie in this post.

IMDB and Launching Films are reporting Curzon Artificial Eye is expected to release the movie on May 4, 2018 in the UK. It was previously set for March 30. No release date has been set for the USA. Film4 production site confirms the 2018 release for the UK. Earlier this year it was reported that the movie was acquired internationally during the Cannes market but the movie is still without a distributor in the USA. Hopefully it will get picked up during the upcoming fall festival season.

Film Music Reporter is reporting that Matthew Herbert is set as composter of the movie. Herbert previously worked with director Lelio on “A Fantastic Woman“. Furthermore, Nathan Nugent (Room, Frank) has been set as editor. Additionally, Benuts has announced they finished VFX (visual effects) on the movie.

Matthew Herbert has recently composed the music for the upcoming romantic drama Disobedience. The film is directed by Sebastian Lelio (Gloria, Christmas) and stars Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams and Alessandro Nivola. The movie is based on the novel of the same title by Naomi Alderman. Lelio also wrote the screenplay with Rebecca Lenkiewicz (Ida). Frida Torresblanco (Pan’s Labyrinth, Magic Magic) is producing the project for Braven Films, alongside Weisz for HGS Productions and Ed Guiney (Room, The Lobster, Frank) for Element Pictures. Disobedience will premiere in September at the Toronto Film Festival.

• Director Sebastián Lelio has been promoting his other film (“A Fantastic Woman”) and briefly mentioned “Disobedience” in various interviews. Firs up, he described the movie to Paris Match as “a melodrama like Douglas Sirk that tends towards noir.” Secondly, he called Rachel and costar Rachel Weisz “powerful actresses”. Finally, he revealed to earlier this month that the movie was in the final stages of post-production and that they had to work relatively fast, presumably in order to finish the movie in time for it’s world premiere at TIFF.

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“Disobedience” Selected For TIFF 2017!

“Disobedience” Selected For TIFF 2017!

The Toronto International Film Festival just announced it’s first wave of movies (special presentations and galas) and it has been announced that “Disobedience” is part of their line-up as part of their special presentations program. According to their official website the screening will be a world premiere and the running time is 114 minutes. The 42nd Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 7 to 17, 2017. To see the full lineup, be sure to head over to the official website.

Disobedience | Directed by Sebastián Lelio
United Kingdom | 114 minutes | 2017 | Colour | English | World Premiere

Sebastián Lelio directs Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams in this adaptation of Naomi Alderman’s novel about a woman who returns home to her orthodox Jewish community in London and rekindles a romance with her cousin’s wife.

The schedule will be released on August 22nd. Film4 and FilmNation also just revealed the first look of the movie featuring Rachel and costar Rachel Weisz, which you can find after the jump, and we have added the still in our gallery as well.

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Upcoming “Game Night” Special Advance Screening

Upcoming “Game Night” Special Advance Screening

1iota is hosting a special advance screening of “Game Night” next week. The movie is currently in post-production, so we assume this is a test screening. The screening will be held on July 25, 2017 in Burbank, CA. You are able to submit for tickets on 1iota’s official website. Update: Another screening has been set for August 8th, for more information head over to

We are looking for 17-54 year olds to attend a special advance screening of the new film “GAME NIGHT.” From the guys behind Horrible Bosses and Spider-Man:Homecoming comes this comedic thriller, GAME NIGHT.

Married couple, Max (Jason Bateman: Horrible Bosses, Arrested Development) and Annie’s (Rachel McAdams: Doctor Strange, Spotlight) weekly game night with their friends takes an unexpected turn when Max’s venture capitalist brother, Brooks, organizes a murder-mystery party. Over the course of one chaotic night, the group realizes this is more than a game as they race to keep Brooks — and themselves — alive.

This film also stars Kyle Chandler (Wolf of Wall Street, Bloodline), Jesse Plemons (Fargo, Breaking Bad), Billy Magnussen (Into the Woods, The Big Short), Sharon Horgan (TV’s Catastrophe), Kylie Bunbury (TV’s Pitch), Lamorne Morris (Barbershop: The Next Cut and TV’s The New Girl), Jeffery Wright (Hunger Games, TV’s Westworld), and Michael C. Hall (TV’s Dexter, Six Feet Under).

This film is not yet rated but will likely be rated R for language and violence.

Thanks to Nick for the heads up! The movie will be released on March 2, 2018 in the USA, as we previously reported.

“Game Night” Gets March 2018 Release

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros moved the release of “Game Night” 3 weeks and will now release the movie on March 2, 2018 instead of February 14 in the USA.

Warner Bros now will release its New Line comedy Game Night on March 2 instead of February 14. The pic revolves around a group of couples who are caught up in a very real game night. They get together regularly to play games, but this particular night turns into an actual murder mystery. Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler, Billy Magnussen, Jesse Plemons, Kylie Bunbury and Lamorne Morris star.

Fox’s “Red Sparrow” and Sony’s “Alpha” are currently also expected to be released on March 2nd. “Game Night” wrapped filming earlier this year in Atlanta and is currently in post-production.

Directors Talk “Game Night”

Directors Talk “Game Night”

Game Night” directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are currently promoting ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, which they co-wrote and they briefly talked about “Game Night” as well. In an interview with Creative Screenwriting they confirmed they wrapped the movie about a month ago and revealed they are aiming for a balance between comedy and thriller. Further, Goldstein seems to suggest that Michael C. Hall is part of the cast, which hasn’t been reported before.

Next up you two have Game Night, which you rewrote and directed. Can you talk about that film?
Goldstein: We’re actually editing it right now. We finished shooting it about a month ago. It stars Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler, Jesse Plemons, Michael C. Hall, and Jeffrey Wright.

Daley: It’s a very fun cast, and a cool blend of comedic and dramatic actors.

What we’re trying to do with that movie is find a fun balance between the genres of thriller and comedy. It isn’t your typical mainstream comedy, because we wanted to inject real-life life or death stakes, where you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen next in the story or if anyone is going to make it out alive.

There is a much greater focus on the look of the film and the specific tone, so it was in many ways more of a challenge than Vacation was to direct, and to keep those two genres alive throughout.

Additionally, they also briefly mentioned to movie in their interview with Box Office and confirmed they will work on editing and post-production the coming months. It appears that the movie already had it’s first test screening, as we previously reported on our twitter, last month.

You two recently directed Game Night, coming out next year. Can you talk about that or any other projects you have coming up?
John: That’s the one that we’ve really got our attention on because we’re in post-production right now. We’re in the middle of editing, so we’ll be focused primarily on that for the next few months […] We have a TV project as well that we’re working on with Fox, but right now 90 percent of our time is spent on Game Night.

Jonathan: Yeah, we were in Atlanta for the last three months – up until three weeks ago – prepping and shooting that movie.

Game Night” will be released on February 14, 2018 in the USA.

Director Dobkin Talks “Wedding Crashers” Sequel

Director Dobkin Talks “Wedding Crashers” Sequel

Mel Magazine published a new article, titled The Oral History of “Wedding Crashers“, which seem to include new quotes from director David Dobkin on the sequel. Last year it was reported the sequel is in development with Evan Susser & Van Robichaux set to write the screenplay with the sequel still being in early development and no deal has been made with the cast.

In November 2016, during an interview on Today, Isla Fisher revealed that progress had been made on Wedding Crashers 2, sparking anticipation for a possibly imminent sequel scripted by Fist Fight writers Evan Susser and Van Robichaux.
Dobkin: I’ve been involved [with talks about a sequel] since the beginning. [The studio] calls me every year. For a long time, there was nothing to do but make the same movie, and I wasn’t going to do that. I should’ve done that, because then I wouldn’t have to work again, but I didn’t want to. None of us really wanted to [do a sequel] unless there was a great idea. Then, about a year and a half ago, a light bulb went on in my head, and I sat down with Vince and Owen about it, and we all liked it. That’s in development now. We’ll see how it comes out. If it comes out really, really good, we’ll take a swing. There’s no reason not to. Those characters are beloved by us. We’re not making it for an audience; we have to make it for ourselves and then hope it works for everybody again.

You see, I had this moment of hitting 45 [a couple years ago] and going, “Oh, what happens when this and this happens…?” [The sequel] came from the [same] emotional story of what it means to be a man at [a certain] age and in certain situations and having to go back out into the world. It has a relevant, real story in the middle of it — you can then build the comedy around that. [With Wedding Crashers], it was about being 35 and having to come of age and going, “Wait, how much longer am I going to have to wait before I get going with love and life and monogamy and marriage?” So, we had a little bit of an exploration of that conversation. There’s another conversation happening right now that I think is just as relevant.

Dobkin and co-star Keir O’Donnell (Todd) also talked about Rachel. The excerpts can be found after the jumpt.

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