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Rachel Supports Greenpeace’s #SaveTheArctic Campaign

Greenpeace released a new campaign video to support the cause of Arctic protection. Rachel provides the voice for the polar bear. You can watch the video and official press release below. Be sure to head over to to find out how you can sign up to pledge.

Canadian award-winning actress Rachel McAdams is lending her support to the cause of Arctic protection through a new video from Greenpeace, director Jason van Bruggen and creative agency DOT DOT DASH. The video shows a lonely polar bear walking through urban landscapes and interacting with city-dwellers, while McAdams provides the voice for the bear, speaking about how she will soon be homeless as a result of climate change and Arctic oil drilling.

In June, McAdams appeared with actor and activist Jane Fonda at Toast the Coast in Vancouver, an event aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of Arctic oil drilling and tar sands projects. “The presence of oil companies in the Arctic brings with it great risk, not only to this already fragile environment but to our ecosystem as a whole,” said McAdams. “Accidents happen and the Arctic can’t afford that. It’s time to ask for cleaner, safer alternatives. Several alternatives already exist that can help create jobs and clean up our planet at the same time. I hope this video inspires others to take action on this important issue.”

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Rachel Says #ShellNo To Arctic Drilling

Rachel attended yesterday’s Toast The Coast event in Vancouver alongside actress Jane Fonda to celebrate Canada’s coastline and raising awareness of the environmental issues surrounding oil drilling and pipelines. Greenpeace started the pledge site and they are aiming for 10.000 pledges. While the main focus of our site is supporting Rachel’s career, we are more than happy to help her raise awareness for this movement. If you want to know more information be sure to head over to or The Time also published an essay by Jane Fonda earlier this month in which she explains why she is saying no to arctic drilling by Shell.

Metro Canada – Hundreds of people gathered at Jericho Beach at dusk on Saturday for Toast the Coast, a Greenpeace event to pay homage to the beautiful shoreline and to oppose oil pipelines and tankers that could put it at risk. Actors Jane Fonda and Rachel McAdams added their star power to the event. Both are opposed to Shell drilling in the Arctic.

Rachel Joins Toast The Coast Movement in Vancouver

Rachel has joined the Toast The Coast movement in Vancouver (Canada). Dot Dot Dash shared an instagram post of Rachel having dinner alongside Jane Fonda and Melina Laboucan-Massimo last night. Toast The Coast is an initiative from Greenpeace Canada to celebrate Canada’s coastline and raising awareness of the environmental issues surrounding oil drilling and pipelines. For more information about the event be sure to head over to and use the #toastthecoast hashtag on social media to spread awareness.

Rachel Donates to ‘Small Steps Project’

Rachel has donated a pair of her shoes to the ‘Small Steps Project‘. The project is hosting an celebrity shoe auction. Small Steps Project is a humanitarian organisation and UK registered charity supporting children and their families on rubbish dumps. Rachel has donated a white pair of Miu Miu shoes which are signed. She previously donated Prada shoes in 2013. An excerpt from the press release:

Stars have donated their signed shoes and are using their celebrity status to raise funds & awareness for Small Steps Project, a charity supporting children living on landfill sites. The Finale is now LIVE! The public are placing bids on shoes worn by by a whole host of stars.

Rachel’s auction lot closes on Sunday, 30th November and you can find her auction page by going to and be sure to head over to her Ebay auction page. To find out more information about the charity be sure to head over to You can also follow their official social media accounts: Twitter @SmallStepsdocs, Instagram @smallstepsproject, and Facebook /SmallStepsProject. You can also help spread the word by using the #celebrityshoeauction hashtag.

Rachel & Zoie Palmer Accept #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Entertainment Tonight Canada’s host Cheryl Hickey challenged Rachel to do the #ALSIceBucketChallenge earlier this week. Rachel’s friend and actress Zoie Palmer – you might remember her from the adorable joint interview she did with Rachel for ET Canada – shared the video of Rachel accepting the challenge via her official twitter account @zoiepalmer. Rachel challenged Zoie Palmer, who is also in the video accepting the challenge, and her dad Lance McAdams, her sister Kayleen McAdams and Canadian writer Margaret Atwood.

You have probably heard about the challenge by now since it’s taking (social) media by storm but for more information about the challenge and find out how to donate be sure to head over to or

Rachel joins Food & Water First Movement

“Farmland and fresh water are our most vital resources, without them we wouldn’t be able to survive.”
Rachel McAdams, Food & Water First

Rachel joined the Food & Water First Movement. Their aim is to protect Ontario’s Class 1 farmland and source water regions. Rachel appears in two promotional videos for the movement, which you can watch below. We added the high definition screen captures of the videos in our gallery. For more information about the movement/project be sure to head over to the official website. You can also follow them on twitter @FoodWaterFirst and ‘Like’ them on facebook.

This video is a part of our ongoing commitment to preserving prime farmland and source water in our home province of Ontario. A collaboration between our team at DOT DOT DASH/Studios on Sustainability, and some friends: cultural historian Stuart Henderson; actress Rachel McAdams; and a number of the farmers and chefs we have been working with for years to help create awareness around Ontario’s food security issues.

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Rachel volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

Rachel and her family (her parents and sister Kayleen) volunteered yesterday at a Habitat for Humanity construction site in St. Thomas (Canada). Habitat Oxford Middlesex Elgin aim is to help low-income families realize a more stable future through our home ownership program. For more information about the organisation be sure to head over to their official website. Local news site Black Burn and AM 980 both reported on Rachel’s visits.

One of St. Thomas’s most famous residents returned home on Thursday to work alongside Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

Rachel McAdams (pictured second from left, with her family) says she was honoured to support Habitat for Humanity.

There’s something so profoundly beautiful about building a home from the ground up,” she explained. “It’s about more than doors and windows and paint. It’s about family, future, and building the foundation for lasting memories.”

The McAdams family spent Thursday afternoon constructing the footings and foundation for the home on Westlake Drive, alongside volunteers.
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Rachel joins Stop Mega Quarry protest!

Rachel was photographed by Canadian photographer Jason Bruggen as part of the stop the mega quarry protest in Ontario. As you all know Rachel has an interest for the environment, she is co-founder of, and we are proud to see she is supporting her home town Ontario for this protest. Go for more information to and be sure to check out all the portraits Jason Bruggen shot for the protest.

There are only a few things essential to human life. Food and water are two of them. Someone is proposing to excavate a massive quarry in Ontario, destroying thousands of aces of prime farmland and putting clean water for millions at risk. When it comes to protecting our food and water, we are all neighbors..

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