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8 Year Anniversary Celebration – Day #4

We continue our special 8 year anniversary celebration with our 4th post. I hope you enjoyed our first 3, and thanks everyone for your nice comments so far. Be sure to read inside/after jump to find out our 4th reason why we are a fan of her! And we would love to hear your reason why you are a fan of her in our comment section.

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8 Year Anniversary Celebration – Day #3

This is our 3rd post as part of our 8 year anniversary celebration. If you missed our first two be sure to read catch up with them in our previous posts. And read after the jump/inside to find out our 3rd reason why we are a fan of Rachel.

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8 Year Anniversary Celebration – Day #2

This is our second post for our week long anniversary celebration, we are celebrating our upcoming 8 year anniversary by making 8 special and extra post with 8 reasons why we are a fan of her.

So be sure to read our second reason inside/after the jump, and we would love to hear your reasons why you become a fan of Rachel in our comment section!

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8 Year Anniversary Celebration Kick-off

Next week marks a huge milestone for our site Rachel McAdams Online because we will celebrate our 8 year anniversary. This site was launched on June 17, 2004. We wanted to do something special to celebrate the site’s milestone and Rachel’s amazing career so far.

We will make 8 extra post on the main site with 8 reasons why we are a fan of her and we will publish a new post with reason every day, in no particular order, until our anniversary. We hope it will be a great way to look back and on Rachel’s amazing career so far, because after all it really started 8 years ago with her break out movies “The Notebook” and “Mean Girls“.

I want to thank my friend Jess for this idea, she recently did birthday celebration special on her amazing Reese Witherspoon site; show her some love by visiting her sites.

So let’s kick off with the very first reason after the jump!

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New Gallery Layout!

We got a nice surprise for you today; we just launched a brand new layout for our gallery made by the very talented Nicole. She used Rachel’s stunning and very cute Glamour photoshoot for the header and we absolutely love it. We We recently reached +50.000 images in our gallery, so we thought a new layout is a nice way to celebrate it.

We are also working on expanding our content even more, so stay tuned for more information pages and gallery updates! You can see our recent updates in the sidebar. And don’t forget to follow us via twitter & tumblr and ‘like’ us at facebook.

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish our wonderful visitors, and Rachel herself, a very Merry Christmas! We hope you will have a lovely holiday with your loved ones.

Happy Birthday Rachel! (+ New Layout)

Today is a very special day because Rachel turns 33! We wanted to celebrate her birthday with putting up brand new layout. We wanted to wish Rachel a Happy birthday and we hope she will have an amazing day (in London).

We wanted to do something special to also celebrate that we are online for over 7 years now. The layout is designed by Sin21 Designs and as you can see our header gives you a slideshow with a selection of production stills from the amazing movies Rachel was part of.

The layout is not completely finished because we had some troubles with out computer but as soon as that is fixed we will changes some detials in the layout. Let us know what you think about the layout and if you find any errors.

New Summer/Fall Layout

As you can see we have a new layout/look for our main site, we had the last one up since February and we thought it was time for something different. This time it’s more a summer/fall layout with brighter colors, we thought it was a nice contrast with our previous layout. The layout is made by the talented Mycah from Purple Haze Inc, she made our previous layout as well.

We are still working on some details like expanding the sidebar. We hope you love the layout as much as we do, please leave a comment and tell us what you think! Also if you find any errors, please let us know and don’t forget you can follow our twitter @rachelmonline, Facebook page and Tumblr page.

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