About: Rachel On Her Other 2009 Films

Published: April, 2009

McAdams picked up the 2009 ShoWest award for the Female Star of the Year, and with the jam-packed year she’s having it’s an award she definitely deserves. In addition to State of Play, McAdams will be seen in The Time Traveler’s Wife and Sherlock Holmes. The Time Traveler’s Wife film has traveled a rocky road on its way to a theatrical release, but it appears New Line will finally send the film into theaters on August 14th. McAdams revealed the film’s delay had a lot to do with Eric Bana’s hair. “We wound up doing a reshoot and Eric was the hold up. He had to shave his head for a different role. For Star Trek,’ I think. And so we were waiting on his hair.”

It wasn’t really reshot,” said McAdams. “We did an additional scene in the meadow so we were also waiting on the meadow to look the way it did, so we were waiting on the seasons. [Laughing] Basically we were waiting on nature and Eric’s hair.”

McAdams hasn’t had a chance to see the final cut of Time Traveler’s Wife yet and she’s just as anxious to see how it turned out as the fans of the book undoubtedly are. “I saw a cut quite a long time ago, a very, very rough cut. So I haven’t seen it in a while. From what I remember then, it’s quite focused on the relationship. There is time travel in it, obviously, and it’s kind of cool in the way that they deal with it. And his shoes kind of clicked down the stairs and some cool shots with that. But really Robert Schwentke, the director, he really explored the relationship and how you carry on with the love of your life when you have this imposition, to say the least.”

Rachel McAdams is also looking forward to seeing how Sherlock Holmes turns out. “I mean it’s pretty big. I didn’t realize how big it really was until I stepped on the sets and they were just massive. And it’s in true Guy Ritchie fashion too – it’s lots of fighting and explosions. From what I’ve seen, obviously Robert Downey Jr. is an amazing actor and so is Jude Law, and they make a wonderful duo. You know I think some people are probably skeptical about, everybody has their preconceived notions about Watson in particular. Everyone’s very much like, ‘Watson’s supposed to be like this…’ And anyway I just think Jude is a perfect Watson, oddly enough. They’re really perfect together. That’s kind of the love story, actually. I play, supposedly, Sherlock’s love interest, but it’s really Watson,” joked McAdams.

McAdams had no idea what to expect and Sherlock Holmes took her by surprise. “Well, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if it would be kind of a satire of Sherlock Holmes in some ways, or if they really would want to boost up the comedy. It’s a really nice balance of the two. It’s quite serious and quite heart pumping, and at the same time there’s humor and these light moments too. I’ve seen just a little sizzle reel of it and it looks beautiful.”

And McAdams revealed she gets to wear some pretty cool costumes. “Yeah, I did. I get the best of both worlds because Irene goes undercover and she wears men’s clothes, but she also wears these beautiful, really outlandish bustles and she wears hot pink all the time. She’s not afraid to stand out .”

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