Hello! Canada – Rachel McAdams Exclusive IPad Interview

Hello! Canada
Published: April 29, 2013

The To The Wonder star reflects on the search for true love, the art of romance and her definition of Mr. Right

Her latest movie is an extended meditation on matter of the heart – and the timing couldn’t be better for it. Rachel McAdams, 34, ended her two-year relationship with Welsh actor Michael Sheen in February and is getting reacquainted with single life. The Toronto-based actress, who has also dated Hollywood hearttrob Ryan Gosling, is likely asking herself many of the same questions that her new project, the heart-wrenching, sweepingly cinematic To The Wonder, raises about romance. Here, the Canadian beauty opens up about the elusiveness of love – and why she’ll never stop searching for it.

Terrence Malick’s films can be quite abstract. What made you want to do To The Wonder?
I love Terrence’s work; I find it challenging in the very best way. I feel like it’s asking me to use muscles I’m not asked to use every day. And I need it. [The Film about] thing we deal with every day: love and loss, betrayal and faith – the basics of being a human being. Terry shows you there’s so much magic in life.

Does Mr. Perfect exist?
There are incredible gestures of love that happen all around us, but I think the ups and down can make for a more interesting ride. Not only does Mr. Perfect not exist, if he did, he’d be incredibly boring

What’s the most romantic thing anyone has done for you?
Someone once went behind my back, got all of my measurements and had a dress made for me.

Did it win you over?
It certainly did. I had seen the dress in a window one night when we were walking. I stopped and I was just gazing at it/ And he did that for me. So that was lovely.

Are you a romantic person?
I’m a romantic person, but for me, it’s not for the grand gestures. I like to make someone their favourite meal. I have notes section in my BlackBerry and I put in even the littlest things, so on a rainy day I can pick something out to do for someone.

Did you ever expect to be on the A-list?
I pinch myself when I think about the people I’ve worked with, particularly the actors I grew up watching in my favourite films. It sill amazes me. Never in a million years did I think I’d be able to do this. The fact that I’ve made a life of it blows my mind some days.

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