Cosmopolitan (UK): The secret of being happy

Cosmopolitan (UK)
Published: May, 2013

Rachel McAdams, 34, is the queen of feel-good films. Here she tells Cosmo what makes her sparkle.

Happiness is …
Being thoughtful
“For me, romance is not the grand gestures. I have a note section in my BlackBerry and I put the littlest things in there, so on a rainy day I can pick something special out to do for someone.”

Being a bad ass
“There’s more freedom playing the villain [like in Midnight in Paris] and a lot less pressure than being lovable, charming leading lady. You don’t have to worry about what the audience feels about you as much. I think part of the fin is trying to go against what people think. You should never get too comfy.”

Rolling the dice
“I don’t really have a career plan. I just do things that speak to me. Sometimes you’re at a certain point in your life and it just makes sense, but if you’d read hat same script a year before it wouldn’t have even crossed your mind.”

Being green
“I do what I can to look after the environment by riding my bike, having renawble energy in my house and supporting clean-drinking-water initiatives in developing countries – I believe that it’s all extremely important for our future.”

Love on film
“I am a fan of romantic movies It doesn’t necessarily have to be straight-ahead relationship between lovers, but I do like movies that are about love. Ultimately, love is what we are all seeking, and what we all want.”

Crazy horses
“I love horses and they love me! I find them skittish, bold and brazen, and so ull o flife and love to give. But I’m terribly allergic to them. I take a lot of antihistamines when Im around them.”

Unhappiness iss…
Mile-high fear
“I didn’t get on my first place until I was around 22, and it was tough. I fly all the time, but I have to say that I really don’t enjoy it. The turbulence gets to me.”

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