FHM 100 Sexiest Women of the World Results

Yesterday FHM’s official website displayed the Top 10 selected winners and sadly to report that Rachel didn’t make it. But there is always next year right?

Top 10

    10 – Freida Pinto
    9 – Anna Friel
    8 – Kristin Kreuk
    7 – Elisha Cuthbert
    6 – Adriana Lima
    5 – Keely Hazell
    4 – Britney Spears
    3 – Jessica Alba
    2 – Megan Fox
    1 – Cheryl Cole

Rachel McAdams holds her own opposite Russell Crowe

First thing’s first. No, Rachel McAdams and Russell Crowe don’t get it on in their movie, “State of Play.” Their characters don’t even flirt with each other. That’s one of a few clichés that “State of Play” manages to avoid: sexual tension between the male and female lead characters. (Another cliché that the movie doesn’t have: the coupling of a leading man with a leading lady who’s young enough to be his daughter.) The political thriller “State of Play” marks the return of McAdams to a major-studio film, after the actress took a few years off to do small independent films like “Married Life” and “The Lucky Ones.”

In “State of Play,” McAdams plays Della Frye, a blogger for a newspaper in Washington, D.C. She’s hot on the trail of a scandal involving politician Stephen Collins (played by Ben Affleck), a married congressman exposed for having an affair with a female subordinate who dies mysteriously on a train track. Della often clashes with her co-worker Cal McCaffrey (played by Russell Crowe), an “old school” journalist who happens to be a friend of Stephen’s. Cal also gets involved in the investigation, and the two reporters team up to get to the bottom of the story. McAdams recently talked about “State of Play,” why she could never be a journalist in real life and which of her “State of Play” male co-stars she thought was the hottest. (It’s not who you think.)

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Rachel on the Today Show April 15

Hello Everyone! Rachel was on the Today show this morning an I managed to record it for all you fantastic visitors and fans. Sorry about the flv quality, when the video archive site goes up, it will be a clearer video, I promise . Enjoy!

FHM 100 Sexiest Voting Ends

Just a little reminder to tell all you Rachel fan’s that voting has ended for FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women of the World and the results will be announced on April 23rd on the FHM website. Let’s hope Rachel has made the list!

Rachel McAdams Covers Marie Claire May 2009

Rachel McAdams (in Sophia Kokosalaki) shows off her lusty side in the May 2009 issue of Marie Claire.

The 30-year-old Canadian actress takes part in the mag’s book club as the first-ever celebrity guest. The book Rachel chose to discuss is Barbara Kingsolver’s earthy, sexy, best seller, “Prodigal Summer.” Rachel says that she “absolutely fell in love with this book. I don’t think I got out of bed for three days.”

Check out what else she had to say about the book at MarieClaire.com. You can also peep behind-the-scenes pics from the cover shoot at here.

If anyone can get their hands on this issue and scan it, that would be great! I’d love you forever LOL

2009 ShoWest Interview

Moviegoers are going to be seeing a lot of ShoWest’s Female Star of the Year Rachel McAdams in 2009. McAdams stars in ‘State of Play,’ ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ and ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife,’ making her one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood. Below is an interview that she done for the awards show, hope you enjoy!

How do you feel about receiving the Female Star of the Year award?

Rachel McAdams: “I feel amazing. I’m really flattered and I was kind of shocked, actually. I was in New Zealand when I found out and it was like my two world’s colliding and I just hadn’t expected it so it was really flattering, yeah.”

With all the amazing actors in State of Play and Sherlock Holmes, who were you most excited to get to work with?

Rachel McAdams: “You’re going to make pick? That’s really hard to say honestly. I’ve been a big fan for a long time of a lot of people in State of Play, of Jason Bateman and Robin Wright Penn. I don’t want to name names because I was excited about everyone. And I think I was most excited to work with Robert Downey just because he’s just so damned great. I just knew he was going to be so much fun.”

What can we expect from Sherlock Holmes?

Rachel McAdams: “Well, I think it’s going to be… I think what I enjoyed most from the little bit that I saw was that Jude [Law] and Robert are lovely together. And I think that if anyone had preconceived notions about what Sherlock Holmes and Watson and that duo should be, I think they’ll be completely eradicated by their performances, both separately and together. And it looks amazing. It looks s really amazing. And I think, you know, maybe there’s concern with period pieces sometimes that they won’t grab the audience, but it just looks stunning.”

If you would like to watch the video, than check this link out!

Female Star of the Year at ShoWest Awards

Rachel McAdams attended the 2009 ShoWest Awards held in Las Vegas, Nevada and she didn’t walk home empty handed! She won Female Star of the Year. Great news right? ;) I have also added photos of the event to the gallery. Enjoy!

State of Play HD Trailer Caps

I have finally added HD caps of Rachel’s up coming movie State of Play to the gallery. They’re really great quality, make sure you check them out!

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